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Green Energy Loans for Businesses


Are you an existing business in the Industry, Agriculture, Tourism, Traditional Crafts and High Technology sectors? Does your company have less than 40 registered employees?

Are you looking to improve your business through alternative energy?

Are you looking to buy Capital goods or equipment, Purchase of Raw Material and Spare Parts? Or are you trying to Market and Promote your Activities, or even do Research and Development?

Take advantage of BLC Bank's Green Energy Loans for Businesses, with Kafalat S.A.L. Guaranteeing 75% of loan amount plus interest accrued during grace period + 3 months, and the Option of rescheduling the loan for an extended period reaching a total of 12 years (noting that the subsidy only covers the first 7 years).

MINIMUM AMOUNT: LBP 10,000,000 or USD 6,700

INTEREST RATES: LBP: 3% over the loan period (BDL subsidy up to 4.5%, over maximum seven years) for all programs


  • 2.5% yearly commission (charged by Kafalat) on the amount of guarantee
  • 0.3% yearly stamp fees (charged by Kafalat) on the amount of guarantee
  • BDL Fee: LBP 100 000 

With the help of Kafalat we offer you 3 programs Program 1: Program 2: Program 3:
Details Demand-Side Energy Efficiency Renewable Energy Generation for own use Renewable Energy Generation for sale to third parties
Maximum Loan amount LBP 600,000,000 LBP 600,000,000 LBP 1,320,000,000
Loan period including grace period Up to 10 years Up to 15 years Up to 15 years
Grace period - during this period borrower pays only interest. min 6 months and max 12 months min 6 months and max 2 years min 6 months and max 3 years

BLC Bank provides beneficiaries with non-financial services, including business sessions and roadshows and networking events for new business owners, and advisory services provided by the beneficiary's Relationship Manager

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